AA EDM CORPORATION custom designs, builds and maintains EDM hole drilling machines for the special requirements of high volume production. Our staff of engineers and technicians have many years in combined experience in custom EDM design, applications, automation and manufacture. Chances are if you have a custom high production EDM machine it was built by one of our employees.

AA EDM generators are a sophisticated design featuring multiple processors, digital signal processing and a unique and highly intuitive operator interface. Machines feature modular construction with a distributed architecture and fiber optic networking for better reliability and ease of maintenance with minimal footprint. The result is the fast and accurate production of parts on a versatile, reliable, easy to operate and long-lived machine. AA EDM machines drill holes in a range of materials, including aluminum, carbides, inconel, steel and stainless steel using oil and water dielectrics. Holes can be produced with circular or non-circular shapes, K Factor (reverse taper) holes, deep or shallow entry angles, and small or large depth-to-diameter ratios—without burrs, surface distortion, minimal micro cracks and residual stress. The machines can have automatic flow test, adaptive control, laser markers, and vision systems designed in. We supply to a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to power generation, medical and materials.


Microholes for Fuel Injectors
Perfect Geometry Hole within 5 Microns
Diesel and High-Pressure Gasoline
Orifice, Lift and Damper Plates

Aerospace EDM
Blades and Vanes
Nozzle Guide Segments
Combustion Liners

Medical and Textile

Watch EDM Diesel Flowtest Video